Tuesday, December 16, 2008


This is a very common question. What supplements should I take? There are so many supplements and supplement companies so which ones should I take?

One thing you need to know is that supplements are just what the name implies "supplements". In other words, they are supposed to supplement your diet and not make up for a "bad" diet. Some people think they can eat bad all day and just supplement, thinking that makes up for a bad diet.The majority of your nutrients should be coming from your diet while supplements should be used in case you didn't get all the required nutrients, to enhance health beyong a normal diet, and enhance performance if you are an athlete or bodybuilder.

The top supplements I recommend are:

1. Multi-vitamin/mineral supplement

This is just to make sure you cover your bases and get at least the minimum requirements. There is controversy about taking higher doses . I personally take higher doses but that's your decision.

2. Whey protein

This is a complete, quickly absorbed protein that is ideal especially after a workout. If made the right way, it also has immune boosting benefits. This all depends on how the company makes it.

3. Creatine - This is a great performance enhancing supplements backed by research and numerous studies. It's great for anaerobic activities like sprinting, weight lifting, etc.. but not good for endurance activities. It also has some anti-aging benefits. I can send you a free report "The Creatine Report" if you email me at ct2288@hotmail.com & sign up for my newsletter at http://samuscle.blogspot.com/

4. Omega 3, 6, & 9 - These healthy fats have been shown to have heart healthy benefits and numerous other benefits like reducing inflammation, joint pain, etc...I use Udo's Choice Oil Blend but there are many products out there.

5. L-Glutamine - This amino acid is great for recovery and the immune system. After you workout, your l-glutamine levels are depleted and studies have shown that depleted glutamine levels are associated with an increased chance of infection.

I highly recommend the supplement company Life Extensions. Their website is http://lef.org/

So those are my top supplement recommendations. For a complete unbiased supplement review I recommend buy either one of these books:

Fat Loss Revealed or Bodybuilding Revealed


Cutewillow20910 said...

Carlos, great information. What supplements do you take, how often and for what? Thanks

Carlos said...

I take whey protein because of the all the benefits I talked about.

I take Life Extension Mix for my multi-vitamin/mineral for health & anti-aging.

I use creatine for health since I'm one of those rare people that gets not performance enhancing benefits from it.

I usually take l-glutamine for recovery and health.

I use Udo's choice Oil Blend for health benefits.

I also take some joint supplements from Life extensions for the tendinitis in my knees.

That pretty much sums it up.