Sunday, December 7, 2008

How to Build Bigger Forearms (The Easy Way!)

Many guys want to have strong forearms. They want that crushing firm handshake and popeye forearms.

I'll show you how you can do it without actually doing any direct forearms exercises.

One easy way is to do away with your straps. Don't use straps unless you absolutely have to during your workouts. Everytime you grab a barbell, dumbbell, etc... you are working your forearms. The lifts that put the most tension on the forearms are the deadlifts, rows, and pullups.

Another way to increase the amount of tension on your forearms is to wrap something around the handle of the dumbbell or barbell you are using. It makes it thicker which puts more tension on the muscles of the forearm.

One other way to work your forearms harder without having to do any extra forearm work is to use a towel or rope or something similar hanging from a pull up bar. When you do the pullups, use the towel or rope as a handle. This is a great forearm workout!

These are some easy ways to build massive popeye forearms without having to add any extra time to your workout! Now go out and build those forearms!

Carlos Torres
Personal Trainer

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